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Session 1. Integrated weed management: new tools and strategies

Lowering pre-emergent herbicides use to junglerice (Echinochloa colona) control

Picapietra G., Acciaresi H.A.

Field evaluation of the resistance of two processing tomato cultivars to the parasitic Phelipanche ramosa

Disciglio G., Tarantino A., Frabboni L.

Cover crops as a weed seed bank management tool: a soil down review

Sias C., Wolters B.R., Reiter M.S., Flessner M.L.

Weed control efficacy of a novel dicamba-based nano-herbicide formulation

Caluori F., Fogliatto S., Patrucco L., Tosco T., Granetto M., Vidotto F.

Durum wheat management for a zero pesticide supply chain

Pozzi T., Guarise M., Reyneri A., Ferrero A.

Weed biocontrol and cover crop termination with alternative natural compounds

Dinelli G., Negri L., Alpi M., Bosi S.

Soil tillage and fertilization affect durum wheat and weeds interactions in Mediterranean environment

Radicetti E., Petroselli V., Allam M., Mancinelli R.

Innovative use of by-products recovered from thyme residues to optimize basil growth

De Falco E., Ferrazzano M., Vitti A

Mixed winter cover crops and dynamics of weeds in agricultural systems of rolling pampas argentine

Buratovich M.V., Acciaresi H.A.

Session 2. Agricultural systems and sustainability in a context of ecological transition

Camelina a new source of healthy oil and cake: effect of variety choice and growing conditions

Alberghini B., Berzuini S., Zanetti F., Vecchi A., Tavarini S., Galasso I., Clemente C., Abou Chehade L., Angelini L., Dalle Zotte A., Monti A.

Effects of biochar on berseem clover (Trifolium alexandrinum, L.) growth and heavy metal (Cd, Cu, Pb, and Zn) accumulation

Pescatore A., Grassi C., Orlandini S., Marco Napoli M.

Addressing the feed-food and land use competition: the case study of piedmontese beef farms

Bonnin D., Tabacco E., Borreani G.

Relay planting cereal and dedicated legume crops

Zegada-Lizarazu W., Parenti A., Monti A.

Health-beneficial properties of organically grown stinging nettle (Urtica dioica L.) in the first year of cultivation

Marotti I., Frassineti E., Alpi M., Dinelli G., Trebbi G.

BOSCOLAMENTO Project: Virtual fencing for the grazing management of Maremmana cattle in an agrosilvopastoral system

Aquilani C., Argenti G., Bellini E., Bozzi R., Confessore A., Dibari C., Moriondo M., Nannucci L., Staglianò N., Cappucci A., Gasparoni E., Mele M., Mantino A., Vichi F., Pugliese C.

Effect of sowing density and nitrogen rate on growth and yield of old wheat varieties in organic farming

Dal Cortivo C., Ferrari M., Panozzo A., Barion G., Sella L., Vamerali T.

Iron biofortification by foliar spraying in old open-pollinated maize varieties

Di Stefano A., Barion G., Ferrari M., Dal Cortivo C., Panozzo A., Vamerali T.

Camelina a new multipurpose oilseed crop for improving farm diversification across Europe

Zanetti F., Alberghini B., Berzuini S., Jeromela A.M., Codina N., Royo-Esnal A., Vecchi A., Facciolla E., Monti A.

Integrated food-energy cropping systems

Parenti A., Zegada Lizarazu W., Monti A.

Changes in protein composition of chickpea genotypes under organic and conventional cropping systems

De Santis M.A., Rinaldi M., Menga V., Giuzio L., Fares C., Flagella Z.

Grain yield and rutin content in buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) cv. Lileja, as affected by planting time and density

Petris R., Piani B., Fontana M., De Infanti R., Miceli F.

First results on the effects of inoculum and organic matter fertilization on Lupinus angustifolius L. growth

Barbera A.C., Cavallaro V., Leonardi G., Pellegrino A., Leonardi A., Spina A.

First results of the effects of inoculum and organic matter fertilization on the morphological and eco-physiological parameters on Lupinus albus L.

Spina A., Cavallaro V., Leonardi G., Stagno F., Pellegrino A., Roccuzzo G., Leonardi A., La Rosa S., Barbera A.C

Herbage biomass estimation from UAV and Sentinel-2: preliminary results from PINDARICO and PRECISION SHEEP projects

De Peppo M., Annecchini F., Ragaglini G., Cappucci A., Mele M., Volpi I., Guidotti D., Mantino A.

Innovative use of biostimulant products to optimize lettuce production

Ronga D., De Falco E., Mellone F., Lanzara E., Vitti A.

Sustainable Intensification Indicators: perspectives from European and African researchers

Rizzu M., Altea L., Migheli Q., Paulotto A., Roggero P.P., Seddaiu G.

Environmental Friendly Nitrogen Fertilization on Globe Artichoke

Ruta C., De Mastro G.

Industrial Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) In Mediterranean Environment: Propagation and Agronomical Aspects

Tedone L.,Ruta C.,De Mastro G.

Session 4. Agricultural models for impacts mitigation

Predicting bread quality parameters using remote sensing: a case study in Tuscany region

Fabbri C., Guerrini L., Mancini M., Napoli M.

Maize growth and yield responses to conservative tillage system and starter fertilization strategies

Battisti M., Capo L., Zavattaro L., Blandino M

Could hydrogels improve soil pore network? Preliminary results on three different soils

Womack N.C., Piccoli I., Camarotto C., Squartini A., Guerrini G., Gross S., Maggini M., Cabrera M., Morari F

Is it possible to apply an economic threshold for herbicide applications in common wheat?

Bosi S., Negri L., Dinelli G.

The GREAT LIFE project: growing resilient agriculture through crop diversification with millet and sorghum

Negri L., Bosi S., Fakaros A., Dinelli G

Innovative strategies to increase water and nitrogen use efficiency in maize

Toffanin A., Borin M., Vellidis G

The aeration of buffalo slurry reduces soil GHGs emissions and improves spinach plant growth

Maglione G., De Tommaso G., Iuliano M., Arena C., Vitale L

Cultivation of C. cardunculus for biomass on brownfield prewashing soil and post washing sludge assisted with compost amendment and microbial biostimulants

Carrino L., Visconti D., Fiorentino N.,Fagnano M.

Simple germination and root elongation bioassay for early detection of salt-tolerant genotype

Carrino L., Visconti D., Todisco D.,Fiorentino N., Fagnano M

The impact of trees on growth and yield of soybean in poplar alley-cropping systems in the Veneto region

Panozzo A., Barion G., Ottoboni P., Ferrari M., Di Stefano A., Dal Cortivo C., Mezzalira G., Vamerali T

A simple decision support web-application for precise nitrogen application in durum wheat cultivation

Ferrise R., Trombi G., Padovan G., Costafreda-Aumedes S., Di Giuseppe E., Pasqui M., Moretto J., Morari F

Circular agricultural system in safflower: agronomic practices and oil extraction environmental impact

Farneselli M., Falcinelli B., Pannacci E., Paolotti L., Boggia A., Rocchi L

15N-Urea release evaluation from two types of mesoporous silica nanoparticles: perspectives for future application as slow release nanofertilizer

Fellet G., De Marco R., Pilotto L., Marchiol L

Field crop robotics: a bibliometric overview and an agronomic state of art

Rizzo D., Chartier T., Sarazin A.

Vis-NIR-SWIR spectroscopy to predict safety of spinach

Galieni A., Platani C., Dattoli M.A., Campanelli G., Leteo F., Pane C., Nicastro N., Stagnari F

Assessing the impact of terraces on soil erosion

Grassi C., Altobelli F., Orlandini S.,Napoli M.

How tillage and soil covering affect agro-environmental indicators. preliminary results during the transition from conventional to conservation agriculture

Sartori F., Piccoli I., Polese R., Berti A.

Camelina (Camelina sativa L. Crantz) a cash cover crop with potential to increase winter soil coverage

Berzuini S., Zanetti F., Alberghini B., Vecchi A., Facciolla E., Monti A.

Leaf fresh weight and nitrate content of Beta vulgaris L. var. cycla grown on soil treated with biochar and compost

Libutti A., Rivelli A.R

Sement-APP: a decision support system to design sustainable Mediterranean grassland systems

Murgia T., Pulina A., Garau G.,Roggero P.P.

Effects of different soil tillage methods and fertilization on potato crop

Mancinelli R., Petroselli V., Allam M.,Radicetti E

Respiration dynamic during transition from conventional to organic management in globe artichoke mediterranean cropping system

Tiloca M.T., Deligios P.A., Cossu M., Sanna G., Solinas S., Farci R., Jouny N., Ledda L

Application of micro-scale devices for the study of spontaneous vegetation and erosion in the national park of cilento, Vallo di diano, alburni. First results

De Falco E., Salerno G., Marmo A.,Ronga D., Celano G.

Cardoon as a biorefinery crop for marginal areas in Tuscany: the EIP-AGRI Operational Group GO-CARD

Annecchini F., Pecchioni G., Ragaglini G., Mantino A.

Evaluation of diverse mediterranean castor genotypes

Piccitto A., Calcagno S., Copani V., Testa G., Scordia D., Patanè C., Cosentino S.L.

Seed germination in two new miscanthus hybrids

Patanè C., Saita A, Pellegrino A.,Cavallaro V., Cosentino S.L., Scordia D., Longo S., Clifton-Brown J.

Yield of lignocellulosic perennial grasses under different soil water availability

Corinzia S.A., Ciaramella B.R., Piccitto A., Testa G., Patanè C., Cosentino S.L., Scordia D.

Tolerance of giant reed to the cultivation in heavy metal polluted soil

Ciaramella B.R., Corinzia S.A.,Scordia D., Patanè C., Cosentino S.L.,Testa G.

Effect of different irrigation leves and nitrogen doses on seed yield of castor

Calcagno S., Piccitto A., Copani V.,Corinzia S.A., Scordia D., Testa G.,Patanè C., Cosentino S.L

Starting with quality seed for low impact cultivation: nitrogen fertilization schedule in a wheat seed crop affects the growth parameters of offspring seedlings

Benincasa P., Falcinelli B., Stagnari F., Galieni A.

First harvest results of reduced and well-watered perennial grass clones, species and hybrids

Scordia D., Corinzia S.A., Piccitto A., Ciaramella B.R., Calcagno S., Testa G., Patanè C., Cosentino S.L.

Mycorrhizal inoculation improves organic potato quality grown under calcareous soil

Lombardo S., Pandino G., Scavo A., Abbate C., Parisi B., Pesce G.R., Litrico A., Patanè G., Salicola S., Scandurra A., Mauromicale G.

Macro and microelements of globe artichoke as effected by mycorrhization and fertilization

Pandino G., Di Benedetto D., Abbate C., Scavo A., Pesce G.R., Patanè G., Salicola S., Scandurra A., Mauromicale G., Lombardo S.

Climate-smart farming practices in south Italy within TRUSTFARM project

Pulvento C., De Mastro G.

Session 5. Agronomic models and ecosystem services

A simplified grass growth model for pasture biomass assessment

Bellini E., Argenti G., Dibari C., Staglianò N., Galvagno M., Filippa G., Nannucci L., Aquilani C., Confessore A., Moriondo M.

Lentil – spring cereal intercropping: first results from a field trial in Central Italy

Tosti G., Falcinelli B., Guiducci M

Soil organic matter response to 29 years of maize residues incorporation under contrasting nitrogen fertilization regimes

Damatirca C., Moretti B., Zavattaro L., Celi L., Fornasier F., Bertora C.

Can topping and harvest time affect performance and potentiality of monoecious and dioecious hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) varieties?

Rossi A., Tavarini S., Vagnoli L., Chini J., Angelini L.G.

Growth and nitrogen uptake of winter and summer cover crops

Gabbrielli M., Acutis M., Marino Gallina P., Perego A., Shchegolikhina A., Tadiello T., Bechini L.

Evaluation of the climatic and genetic effect on technological quality of spelt: Tuscany case study

Verdi L., Evangelista B., Marini L., Mancini M., Benedettelli S., Palchetti E., Dalla Marta A., Orlandini S

Double utilization reduced total biomass, grain yield and N uptake in oat, barley, wheat and triticale

Saia S., Angeletti F.G.S., Mearini T., Mariotti M.

Rutin and quercetin in the forage and grain of common buckwheat as affected by seeding density

Mariotti M, Angeletti F.G.S., Tozzi B., Saia S., Arduini I.

Performances of four quinoa varieties under agroenvironmental conditions of central Italy

Pannacci E., Farneselli M., Ottavini D., Brunetti M., Tei F.

Agronomic evaluations of hemp varieties for seeds production

Florio F.E., Cocetta G., Cabassi G., Povolo M., Pricca N., Bonazza F., Degano L., Ferrante A.

Influence of compost properties on organo-mineral fertilizers composition

Sitzmann T.J., Zavattaro L., Moretti B., Padoan E., Celi L., Grignani C.

Effect of different green manure on yield of perennial wall rocket

Cozzolino E., Ottaiano L., Di Mola I., Nocerino S., Leone V., Piccirillo G., Mori M.

Effect of biostimulant application on yield of rocket subjected to different nitrogen levels and grown under different greenhouse cover films

Cozzolino E., Di Mola I., Ottaiano L., Leone V., Nocerino S., Rippa M., Mormile P., Mori M.

Re-introduction of old varieties of common wheat in a marginal land of Campania region: yield and its components

Di Mola I., Ottaiano L., Cozzolino E., Nocerino S., Spigno P., Maggio A., Mori M.

Adaptability of old varieties of durum wheat to a hilly internal area of Campania region

Di Mola I., Cozzolino E., Ottaiano L., Nocerino S., Riccardi R., Maggio A., Mori M.

Can biostimulant application reduce the detrimental effect of saline irrigation water in rocket?

Ottaiano L., Di Mola I., Cozzolino E., Leone V., Nocerino S., Piccirillo G., Mori M.

Effect of strip mulching on topped burley tobacco growth and yield

Cozzolino E., Sifola M.I., del Piano L.

The use of an innovative soil amendment in broccoli crop

Denora M., Candido V., Perniola M., Cardone L., Castronuovo D

Sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) performances as subjected to arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and different molybdenum doses

Sabatino L., Virga G., Farruggia D., Iacuzzi N., Consentino B.B